Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bachelor Pad Design 101

My fellow readers, I must apologize for my absence!  I'm sure it goes without saying, but the holidays really got the best of me this year.  As an adult, I've started understanding why people have mixed feelings about this busy time of year.  

Anyway, I hope the craziness has settled for all of us.  On to more important things, like design.  I got an unexpected christmas present this year, helping a friend decorate his new bachelor pad.  That night, I got on Pinterest and started getting ideas.

Ok step one: go for deep colors with lots of neutrals...

Ok step two is finding some good art.  Go big and go loud because odds are, you won't have many knick knacks and accessories, so let your walls do some talking.  Also, don't hang just one piece on each wall.  Group and stack images, but then don't forget about the beauty of negative space.

Ok my third piece of advice, would be to focus on materials.... Wood, stone, concrete, etc. As I stated earlier, accessories will be fairly minimal, so you need to make your statement in different ways....for example, a fabulous brick wall