Monday, April 20, 2015

Wine Cellar Wow!

Nothing screams abundance like a wine cellar...livin' in the lap of luxury, am I right?  Whether your wine cellar is for some serious storage, or just a great feature to your home, a wine cellar is a wow element. I am currently working on 2 homes with 2 very different wine cellars.  One house is ultra modern with a very commercial looking cellar.  This is great for this particular family because they have a hardcore wine collection and the commercial, metal racks hold a lot of bottles.  The other home is more modern mountain, and they only have wine for their guests.  So we decided to make their wine cellar more of an art piece with asymmetrical shelving, led backlighting, and a zebra wood wall it is all attached to.  

There are many elements that make a good wine cellar.  Some people want that intimate, almost secretive feeling to their wine cellar.  Let's look at some photos below to see how these designers created that feeling.

This wine cellar definitely has that forbidden and secretive feel.  Before you even enter the space you have a sense of an almost mideval chamber.  The door and it's frame are so substantial and established.
The photo below has that same feel.  The masonry as well as the arches create a great ambiance.  The candles on the table don't hurt either. 

Ok so the above looks are awesome, but they may not be for everyone.  Maybe you want your wine cellar to have a more modern, industrial feel.  The photos below are some good examples.

This wine cellar is similar to one I am working on.  I love how it still has that moody feel, but the finishes are more contemporary.  However, with the limited space, I think I would've turned the bottles.  When they run length wise, i don't think you are maximizing your space.

This next photo has a great comination of materials. Love the mix of stone, wood, and metal.  This wine cellar is quietly beautiful.

Here's an interesting, minimal racking system with simple copper pegs.

So maybe the commercial look is too subtle for some.  You can definitely make a focal point out of your wine storage.  Let's see how these designers created something spectacular.

This wine cellar is a great feature off the dining area.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Make Your Home Look More Expensive

So maybe you aren't the high roller you know you will one day be.  Nothing wrong with that my friend.  In fact, I think you should fake it until you achieve your greatness. Take your home for instance, just because you can't afford the high end finishes just yet doesn't mean you shouldn't try to knock off the look.  You've heard the phrase "it's not about the dress you wear, but how you wear it"? Same principles apply here....These few steps will instantly give you home a more expensive feel.

Hang your drapes high.  Like just below the ceiling is ideal.  Expensive homes have big windows, what better way to make your windows appear larger than high drapes?

Ok next item of business, texture.  If you are out shopping and are torn between two beige throw pillows, ditch the twill and go for the fur, or the linen.  If everything feels about the same "weight" and has the same sheen it's going to look like there's no depth.  Go for luxury and add some silks, furs, or whatever else catches your fancy.  Love the knit pillow below!

This is the Mecca of textures....

Don't forget the hardware!  Unless you have super sleek cabinetry, you should embellish with some knobs or pulls.  You can find inexpensive options at home improvement stores.

Ooh this kitchen cabinetry pulls at my heart strings! The soft, pale gray with classic white subway tile is so timeless. The gold hardware is a nice surprise.

This unique kitchen has so many awesome elements.  The windows are gorgeous, as well as the backsplash.  And the pulls are very unexpected but tie in with this eclectic look.

Lamp light goes a long way.  Nothing kills a room like ceiling light, IMHO.  Places like tjmaxx and target have great lamps.  Ikea is a great spot for sconces, pendants or art light.  Layer in your light and it will create a cozy atmosphere.

This bedroom nightstand (which could be done very inexpensively) has a cut little sconce attached.  Great idea if you are tight on space or money.

Here's an example of some lamps sitting on a ledge acting as a sofa table.

Hope you've enjoyed!  I'll have to keep thinking about this and write a part two! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Yellow & Grey Backyard Wedding

Last August I had the pleasure of helping with a backyard wedding.  It was so much fun, the couple was so happy, and the wedding was a blast!  Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the big homes and a help a new couple start their exciting journey.

They purchased an arbor, which I decked out with flowers.  This is where they said their vows, then cut the cake.  Six months later, the couple still has the arbor in their backyard.

All the guest tables were 60" round tables, which seat 6-8 people.  But the bride and grooms table was something special, we did a grey washed picnic table that looked like it came out of a cottage.  Those special spots had to be designated with Mr. and Mrs. Wood signs and baby's breath center pieces.

Thank you Pinterest, right?  Etsy too!  We found this cute sign to help this backyard wedding feel informal and fun.

Below is a close up of the arbor and it's beautiful flowers.  In the background, don't miss the T+C carved into the tree.  Don't think the grooms mother was too happy with this surprise (as it was her tree), but what a great photo! 

The bar was central to the fun at this wedding.  Lit with string lights and decorated with some paper mâché, it wasn't bad to look at while waiting in line.  Let's be honest though, I could've left it totally naked and people wouldn't have cared.

This bride loved lilies!  She was all about class and had a much more modern touch.  I feel that when going for a modern look, choose a lot of the same flowers, rather than an elaborate arrangement.

As the night was coming to a close, everyone was feeling relaxed and enjoying the fresh air.  This shot captured the cafe string lights and the gift table.  On a later post, I'll show the yellow birdcage that held all the envelopes.

Calling all Utah brides: do you want some help with your special day?  Comment on the blog, and I'll get in touch with you.  I'm offering extremely low prices on wedding coordinating and planning to help grow my new business.