Monday, June 22, 2015

Small Space Design

Living in a city can be a joy.  To breathe in the life and energy that is constantly buzzing really puts me in my happy place.   But unless you're rolling in the dough, space can be a bit of an issue.  No problem though! Design for small spaces has really become a movement and there are plenty of stylish, functional options....ikea anyone? 
These couple tips will really open up little slice of heaven.

Nothing can help brighten and open up a space like a mirror.  

The living room below doubles up on the mirrors and in a not-so-small scale.

The bedroom below not only feels larger because of the two mirrors behind the headboard, it also has a great sparkle about it.  The mirror helps bounce the ambient light and create a gorgeous, cozy atmosphere.

Low and Lean Furniture
Many people can underestimate the importance of visual weight.  If you have a small bedroom, don't put a chunky, dark, four post bed.  Even if the big, heavy bed has the same overall dimensions, it will feel so much better to go lighter in weight and sometimes color.

Below is a great example of a lightweight dining set. It is super stylish and functional, and is a great fit in the space.

Now this next photo has low and lightweight furniture, yet dark colors.  There's no rule saying you cannot use dark colors in a small space.  It's the more cautious route, but hey, the pic below proves sometimes it pays to walk on the wild side.

Build Up, Not Out
This rule will help your space both visually and functionally.  Break the mold and think vertical! 

Ok so the idea of bookshelves on a wall isn't exactly novel, but the clean palette and negative space make this space especially appealing.

Everyone remembers their first trip to ikea.  Some simple storage solution that is just so novel.this next photo is the epitome of just that.  Get it off the counter, and attach it to your wall.

My last tip would be to have use a piece of glass furniture or accessories.  This goes back to visual weight, even if the dimensions and scale are the same, don't underestimate how light and airy something glass can feel.

The table seems large in scale, but feels light as a feather!

This end table would fit into most any living room! So delicate, yet subdued.