Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ceiling Design

Nothing finishes a room like a nice ceiling detail, it can be so subtle, yet impactful at the same time.  I personally love some painted planks.....grey would be color of choice.  Although there's nothing wrong with coffers either!  And in the right space, I even enjoy some tin and barnwood.  Take a look at the great ceilings below to get inspired.....











Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Secrets to a Cozy Covered Living Space

Have you been itching for a summer DIY project?  A covered living area wouldn't be a bad addition to your house.  Well if you've got the time and energy, I've got some tips to make this a great space!

Blur the lines between inside and outside.  Bring out artwork and rugs, but make sure they can withstand the elements.  Use plenty of plants to bring in some green.

                              A covered porch off the master bedroom provides a comfortable vantage point for watching boats come and go in the harbor. The interior decorator treated the private space as an open-air sitting room, complete with area rug, table lamps, and cozy seating.
              Safari Style

                                  Covered patio
                 Great looking patio
Who can resist a trellis, maybe some climbing flowers....a little slice of heaven.  Maybe throw in some decorative touches like lanterns and beach glass.  Also, don't be afraid to be a little bolder in color and scale than you would be in your home.  Nature can handle it.




Saturday, July 12, 2014

Creating Curb Appeal

Whether your thinking of selling your home or maybe just wanting to give your exterior a little makeover, these tips will help you get the curb appeal you so desire.  

Probably the easiest way to freshen up your house is to paint your front door a new bold color.  Black an red are classic choices, but you can pull off tons of colors! Kelly green, pale blue, or even a mustard yellow would be gorgeous depending on your exterior colors.  

Updating and adding exterior lighting is another quick fix.  The biggest mistake people make when selecting exterior lights (in my humble opinion) is they don't buy them big enough.  Beef up the scale! When placing lights around the yard and pathways, have varying heights to create interest.

Adding details would be the next layer to finishing your home.  Shutters, window boxes and other decorative items can really give your homes facade more depth.  

Lastly, I firmly believe every house needs a little black to ground it.  If you have a rusty white fence, try painting it black.  

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Color Me Happy

Color is back people.  Frankly I pretty "neutral-ed" out, so I welcome the change.  It's been said that neutral interiors are the trend during times of war or economic depression, so it seems things are looking up!  I feel that people's color comfort level is a broad spectrum.  Some of the rooms below are saturated with color giving a bohemian vibe.  Other photos showcase the crisp look of bright white with accent colors.  It has only been recently that I can work with bold color in confidence, and honestly, it's so fun!  Hopefully with this trend you will be able to find your happy color medium!














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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lake Houses

What better way to spend is there to spend summer than at a lake house?  It's like a trifecta of relaxation with the nature, the quiet and a light breeze. I need to remember this feeling and try to schedule myself a vacation for next summer!  In the mean time, I can drool over these lake houses...