Monday, January 19, 2015

A is for Accessories

Have you selected the perfect furniture, painted the perfect color, and still feel you are missing something?  It could be that the last step has been rushed, or maybe funds started running low.  Hey, it happens.  Either way, accessories put the finishing touch on your home's look.

The most quoted advice on accessorizing is to stick to groups of three.

Yes the group of three rule is good, but break it every now and then.  If you are wanting a more formal look, choose two objects to create symmetry.

Ok my next piece of advice would be to add something a little on the funky side.  It should be an expression of you, but here are some good examples...

Lastly, try to get a good mix of materials...try metal, fur, wood, etc. Below is a good example of layering materials throughout the space...

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