Sunday, January 11, 2015

Classifying Cabinetry

Cabinetry is a big ticket item that can really impact the style of a home.  Let's take a look at the different design genres, and how cabinetry can complete the homes look.

Modern, Contemporary Design
Clean lines, symmetry, and simplicity are the elements of modern cabinetry design.  Opt for a flat panel cabinet, oversized hardware that emphasizes the clean lines, and wood species that aren't knotty.

Transitional Design
This style is one where you should mix different wood and paint.  Notice the flat panel drawers mixed with the stile and rail doors in the following photo.

Traditional Cabinetry
If your home is more traditional, stick with natural wood stains or glazed painted finishes.  You should really only do stile and rail cabinetry in this genre, and details definitely help.  In bathrooms, consider adding a foot if appropriate.

Arts & Crafts
I think everyone has a love, or at least appreciation, for the Arts and Crafts look.  You probably want to only do natural wood finishes.  Hardware should have exposed screws to celebrate the craftsmanship. If you'd like a decorative touch, consider adding some stained glass.  

Modern Mountain
So this is the big look in my home state.  Scale plays a big role in this genre.  Think a big 3" apron, or if you opt for shaker style cabinetry, make your stile and rail slightly oversized.  You probably need some wood elements, but mix it up and see what works within your home.

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