Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Yellow & Grey Backyard Wedding

Last August I had the pleasure of helping with a backyard wedding.  It was so much fun, the couple was so happy, and the wedding was a blast!  Sometimes it's nice to take a break from the big homes and a help a new couple start their exciting journey.

They purchased an arbor, which I decked out with flowers.  This is where they said their vows, then cut the cake.  Six months later, the couple still has the arbor in their backyard.

All the guest tables were 60" round tables, which seat 6-8 people.  But the bride and grooms table was something special, we did a grey washed picnic table that looked like it came out of a cottage.  Those special spots had to be designated with Mr. and Mrs. Wood signs and baby's breath center pieces.

Thank you Pinterest, right?  Etsy too!  We found this cute sign to help this backyard wedding feel informal and fun.

Below is a close up of the arbor and it's beautiful flowers.  In the background, don't miss the T+C carved into the tree.  Don't think the grooms mother was too happy with this surprise (as it was her tree), but what a great photo! 

The bar was central to the fun at this wedding.  Lit with string lights and decorated with some paper mâché, it wasn't bad to look at while waiting in line.  Let's be honest though, I could've left it totally naked and people wouldn't have cared.

This bride loved lilies!  She was all about class and had a much more modern touch.  I feel that when going for a modern look, choose a lot of the same flowers, rather than an elaborate arrangement.

As the night was coming to a close, everyone was feeling relaxed and enjoying the fresh air.  This shot captured the cafe string lights and the gift table.  On a later post, I'll show the yellow birdcage that held all the envelopes.

Calling all Utah brides: do you want some help with your special day?  Comment on the blog, and I'll get in touch with you.  I'm offering extremely low prices on wedding coordinating and planning to help grow my new business.  

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