Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Make Your Home Look More Expensive

So maybe you aren't the high roller you know you will one day be.  Nothing wrong with that my friend.  In fact, I think you should fake it until you achieve your greatness. Take your home for instance, just because you can't afford the high end finishes just yet doesn't mean you shouldn't try to knock off the look.  You've heard the phrase "it's not about the dress you wear, but how you wear it"? Same principles apply here....These few steps will instantly give you home a more expensive feel.

Hang your drapes high.  Like just below the ceiling is ideal.  Expensive homes have big windows, what better way to make your windows appear larger than high drapes?

Ok next item of business, texture.  If you are out shopping and are torn between two beige throw pillows, ditch the twill and go for the fur, or the linen.  If everything feels about the same "weight" and has the same sheen it's going to look like there's no depth.  Go for luxury and add some silks, furs, or whatever else catches your fancy.  Love the knit pillow below!

This is the Mecca of textures....

Don't forget the hardware!  Unless you have super sleek cabinetry, you should embellish with some knobs or pulls.  You can find inexpensive options at home improvement stores.

Ooh this kitchen cabinetry pulls at my heart strings! The soft, pale gray with classic white subway tile is so timeless. The gold hardware is a nice surprise.

This unique kitchen has so many awesome elements.  The windows are gorgeous, as well as the backsplash.  And the pulls are very unexpected but tie in with this eclectic look.

Lamp light goes a long way.  Nothing kills a room like ceiling light, IMHO.  Places like tjmaxx and target have great lamps.  Ikea is a great spot for sconces, pendants or art light.  Layer in your light and it will create a cozy atmosphere.

This bedroom nightstand (which could be done very inexpensively) has a cut little sconce attached.  Great idea if you are tight on space or money.

Here's an example of some lamps sitting on a ledge acting as a sofa table.

Hope you've enjoyed!  I'll have to keep thinking about this and write a part two! 

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