Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bohemian Design Defined

I have come out publicly as a "modern farmhouse" girl.  But if I had to choose a close second, it would definitely be boho interior design!  Maybe that's because I'm slightly on the messy side ("slightly?!" Eye roll from my dear old grandma).  But it's true, bohemian design relishes imperfections and life as it unfolds.  It is all about patterns that you love, not just what works into your perfectly well-planned scheme.  It's about displaying art and artifacts that tells stories of your life journey.  Now with that being said, I can't exactly dole out the rules of achieving the look, as it would be a bit of a contradiction.  I can however, point out some common themes of this lovely look. 

First would be to mix it up with pattern.  I always try to get a good variety in when go a little crazy on pattern.  Mix up oversized prints with small and everything in between.  Also get a good variety of types of pattern, like not all florals, or geometric, etc.  The photos below do a good job of blending in different patterns.

It seems that most of these fabulous spaces have a Moroccan element, sometimes with the architecture, sometimes with some fabulous tile work.

Now let's talk about furniture.  Probably the furthest thing from accomplishing this look would be to have a bunch of big box store furniture.  Finishes should not match, neither should the legs on chairs, etc.  This look requires some pieces with a considerable amount of detail.  Let's look at the following pics to give you a better idea of what I'm trying to say.

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