Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Creating Custom Furniture

Do you have an empty wall that is screaming for a console but just don't know what to get?  While many retailers have great options, if you can't find what your heart desires, consider getting a piece custom made.  We do this more often than not for clients, whether it be because we can't find the right size, or a certain finish, custom furniture is a great alternative!  When working with a designer, you will get a better price than just walking in off the street, but the prices aren't as scary as you may think, and they quality is usually far more superior than a retail store.  Plus you are supporting local craftsman, win win right?  

Let's talk about some of the elements to your custom furniture piece to really make it your own.  

Wood Species
Walnut: my favorite species! Walnut is characterized by its beautiful cathedralling and warm caramel color.  Not a very hard wood, so make your to consider that!  Character grade has more knots and is lesser priced than select grade walnut.

Alder is often used because it is fairly inexpensive and accepts stain very well.  Knotty alder is more rustic and busy with knots, clear alder gives a more uniform look.

The unique grain pattern of Curly Maple, also known as Tiger Maple, offers beautiful patterns which makes it an ideal choice for distinctive furniture pieces.  This wood is also strong, heavy and hard.

Teak is a great option is you like a more modern, contemporary look because of its straight grain.  It has a warm color and is very durable.

We can talk later about hardware and legs in a part 2 post of Creating Custom Furniture.,

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