Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Loving these Living Rooms

So i know design is an arbitrary topic, relevant to every client's personal taste, but sometimes I have a hard time watching the train wrecks that occur.  We have a client that really doesn't know what they like, so rather than take the time to figure out what will make them happy, a coworker of mine just keeps throwing more random shit into this hodgepodge house.  I'm not trying to be negative or dramatic, but it's bad.  There was a $5,000 chair that had a "flame" fabric up for, huh?  It's bad when we refer to it as the "fire chair".  Anyway, some damage control has been done, at least that's what my eavesdropping ears overhead.  But the living room is still the problem child, so I thought we could look at some well done living rooms and talk about what makes them work...

This room has a calming neutral palette that would appeal to a lot of people.  It has some different textures going on to give it some depth, but clearly the most interesting aspect of the room is the gallery wall.  I love how the shape is organic and the frames and mattes are different.  The ceiling detail is another example of an understated detail that helps sell the look. A lovely room and monochromatic color scheme, with a couple of rich dark woods to help ground the space.

This living room does a great job of feeling fun and fresh!  Love the cool green mixed with the black and white patterns.  Looks like they have some cozy textures happening too.  Definitely would love to spend my springtime in this living room!

This room is much more formal than the previous photos.  The high contrast of the creamy fabrics with the rich dark woods give a more elegant feel.  The symmetry also furthers this look, notice the wall art, lamps, and the chairs that are mirrored.  

Ooh honey I'm home!  Who wouldn't love to welcome guests into this fabulous sitting room?!  This room has mastered the details.  The moldings and trim work is so beautifully don't, yet simple.  Herringbone floor? Yes please.  The silver frame around the artwork add yet another touch of class.  

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