Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Accessorizing Your Home

As an interior designer, my biggest pet peeve is when a space is left unfinished.  I recently toured a fabulous home, literally jaw dropping!  But it wasn't complete.  The architecture and finishes were stunning, but there were probably 5 pictures hung on the walls! No candles, sculptures, anything!  And this was a multi million dollar home, but I felt they looked a little house poor ( which is not the case).  I don't know why the design was never finished, but in our much more humble homes, I'm sure many of us can relate.  It is difficult to polish off every last space, but you will be so happy once it's done.  Maybe you don't know how to finish off your home besides hanging a piece of art or a couple picture frames, and that's ok!   Here are a couple ways I think you can accessorize your space...

Gallery Walls are a great way to fill a wall, and it doesn't need to just be art.  You can place clocks, mirrors, or any interesting object.  The key is to keep the spacing uniform. 

So maybe you don't have a large wall to fill. Maybe the problem child is the awkward medium size wall, in which I would suggest stacking some art vertically like the pics below.

Next would be selecting a variety of accessories.  You want them to be related in some way, like the image below, most of the accessories are of the same color tone.  But they also need to different to have interest, and this is where you can play with things like scale and texture.  In the photo below, I feel that they are able to get away with so many objects because the artwork behind it is so simple.  Your eye has a rest with the neutral canvas that the accessories don't feel overwhelming.

Lastly, I think words or letters here and there can add interest, subway art is a great example of this.  With words I think you need to seriously restraint yourself from going nuts.  But I do like them in the right setting.  I will have another accessorizing post because this is a seemingly endless topic!

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