Monday, September 8, 2014

Colored Quartz Countertops

I have begun designing an industrial cabin, that the client would like to feel like an old miner's cabin with a funky edge.  We have found some fabulous tile ( which I promise to blog about in the future), and the woods are reclaimed, but where we've added some modern flare is in the countertops.  Many, but not all, are colored quartz countertops.  Just to educate my readers, quartz is a great product.  Nearly as strong as granite, but because it is natural stone held together with an epoxy, it is sensitive to heat.  Not super sensitive, but you don't want to place a hot pan on it for fear of melting the epoxy.  Colored countertops may sound crazy, but really they can be just what the space needs. Take a look below at these quartz countertops.....

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