Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kid Friendly Interiors

My favorite rooms to design are for children, give me a bedroom or playroom any day.  You can be as bold as you dare with color, pattern, and scale.  I highly encourage wallpaper or stencils to provide a playful backdrop.  Take a look at these fun wall coverings.....

Ok so now you've found an awesome wallpaper, time to start building off it.  Pick an accent color out of the paper, and paint a piece of furniture this color.  I like to pick a bright color for the accent, navy doesn't have the impact that lime green can.  You can also use this step as a money saver.  Get an old piece from a second hand store and give it a fresh coat of pint.

Lighting can make a big impact in a child's bedroom or playroom.  I try not to get anything super "theme-y", but I typically go for something with color and a larger scale.  These are some of my favorites...

Lastly, add a bit of whimsy.  Anything to make your child's room more unique and show their personality will do just fine.

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